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Group Payroll Services

Faster, More Efficient Payroll Processing

Industry Leading Payroll Service at Discount Rates

Group payroll services are provided by our partner of over 10 years Automatic Data Processing (ADP). For you, this means faster, more efficient processing. Additionally, we can offer this plan at significantly reduced rates. Group discounts can range from 20 to 50 percent, depending on the ADP platform you choose. How much can you save? We invite you to compare our group rates with your current provider or in-house team.

Finally, because the ADP platform is online-based, there is no software or IT work needed on your end. Plus, the system updates automatically when there are tax law changes.

ADP Highlights

  • The largest provider of payroll services in North America.
  • Work with more than 400,000 small businesses (100 employees or fewer)
  • Triple A rated by Standard & Poor's and Moody's
  • Average client tenure of 10 years
  • Local representatives in your market
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Currently, 54 member schools utilize ADP
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If you are working with ADP and not receiving a Christian Schools International discount, please email our team and we will have the Christian Schools International code added to your ADP account.

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Todd Schilthuis

Pension & Insurance Account Manager