Update: Searches for Leadership of Canada and US Benefit Plans

To: Canada and US School Contacts and Heads of Schools

From: Susan Stafford, Chair, Christian Education Employee Benefits (CEEB)

Date: June 2, 2023

Re: Update on Searches for Leadership of Canada and US Benefit Plans


As the Chair of the CEEB Management Committee, I am pleased to update you on the successful progress of our searches for leadership for both the Canadian and US benefit and pension plans.

With Howard Van Mersbergen, Managing Director, retiring on May 31, 2023, we have filled his role through the hiring of two Managing Directors, one holding responsibility for the Canadian Plans sponsored by Christian Education Benefit Solutions Society, and the other holding responsibility for the US Plans sponsored by Christian Schools International. This intentional shift allows for more focused attention on each country's unique needs, maintaining a culture of collaboration, and maximizing the skillsets of the Christian Education Employee Benefits team for both countries’ plans.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jonathan Bilodeau as the Canada Managing Director. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Jonathan is a dynamic addition to our team. With his keen enthusiasm, commitment to personal and professional growth, and financial expertise, he brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

Jonathan is a proven servant leader, experienced senior manager, and proficient alliance builder with a focus on strategic excellence and operational success. He has a track record of success in leadership, people management, strategic planning, stakeholder relations, and consensus building. With his immersive knowledge of finance, human resources, and communications, he is well-equipped to lead our Canadian operations to new heights.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Jonathan is deeply committed to his faith and involvement in his church. His active faith commitment speaks to his values of service and community, which align perfectly with our organization's ethos.

We are thrilled to have Jonathan as a part of our team and look forward to seeing the great things he will accomplish as our Canada Managing Director.

John Bolt, as previously announced, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will assume the US Managing Director position, bringing a wealth of experience and broad financial and faith sector expertise to the team.

John served as the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Christian Reformed Church in North America for nearly 20 years. John’s broad experience includes management and financial expertise, including treasury, operations, strategic planning, accounting, cost containment, investor relations, information technology, risk management, human resources, pension administration, and SEC compliance. He has a track record of improving financial position and bottom-line performance in the US and international markets. John formally assumed the US Managing Director role on June 1.

Together, Jonathan and John have a combined professional experience of over 55 years, and we are confident in their ability to maintain plan stability, promote team growth, and develop future leaders within the CEEB Team. We look forward to working with John and Jonathan in their new roles, and seeing the CEEB Team supported well, as we work together to see Christian education strengthened across Canada and the United States. Questions or comments are welcome, and can be directed to Brian Meekhof, brian.meekhof@cebteam.org.


Susan Stafford, Chair, Christian Education Employee Benefits (CEEB) Management Committee